A Dedication To The Spirit of Selfless Service

This past week we lost an amazing member of our NA family. She died clean, smoke free, fear free. The lives that she has touched are immeasurable, and the energy she brought to any situation was palpable and larger than life.


Seven years ago I walked into my first Rappahannock Area Service Committee meeting, with the suggestion from others that it was a way to give back to the area that held me through my darkest days and allowed me to get the message of hope that is NA. I was taken back by the "official business" feeling of it all -- I had been to some meetings in the past week and it was all about personal stories of struggle, triumph, and faith. This was a different beast. There were rules of order, there were people in positions that seemed to have their head screwed on straight, making decisions and calling topics to vote in an orderly manner. This was an unnerving feeling for someone who just got out of the deepest depths of sorrow that thier life had ever been in. I thought to myself "How the heck can I even fit into this situation? I'm not a leader, I'm sure as hell not good with money, I can't relate to folks in institutions and jails, and I am not good with the public." Then there was a little hope. Somebody asked a question about some details to be posted on the RANA website. My ears perked up. "A website? Now that's speaking my language." All I've ever really known was computers, internet, technology. It's all I've really ever been passionate about, and was the focus of my career path that was diverted when the disease fully took hold of me. The person to answer the question about the site was a little lady that responded direct and confidently. "I already posted that last week. Ya'll need to check the site before you come to area with these questions." I laughed inside at the frankness of the answer and immediately became interested at how this part of our area operated. She must be a part of a website committee or something, I thought. What I was surprised to find out, was that she alone had been running the website as part of the PI subcommittee for several years by herself. She was caught up in a perpetual term that seemingly had no end, but was doing her duties nonetheless, and without complaint. During the next ASC meeting, someone brought up that I had knowledge of computers and websites, and afterwards I was approached by her. "You're going to do the website now, we're getting your young butt into service." And that was that. In true RANA fashion, I was thrust into this position with a minimal amount of area service experience, but a ton of support and guidance from those that had come before me. Especially her. She sent me all of the details, spreadsheets, login information, and gave me a quick run down of what goes on in the area that goes up on the site. She taught me what to post, what not to post, and most importantly, allowed me to find my place in service and give back what was so freely given to me. Just those simple instructions, and a loving "You got this" from her was all I needed to return time and time again to ASC every month, and continue to practice courage and selflessness in the area that I was most competent in. In the past seven years of service, I have been in multiple chair roles within the area, group GSR's, and have worked a bit with regional service on some levels. Throughout it all, I remained the website coordinator, or "webservant", and it has always felt like home to me. Admist my recovery journey there have been many ups and downs, periods of isolation from meetings, times of strife and chaos. There has always been one constant -- service work. Working on the RANA website has, at times, been the only anchor that has kept my seat in these rooms and has kept me coming back, staying clean just for today. It's allowed me to get outside of myself once a month and give back to those that need information on where to find hope in a hopeless information age. None of this would have been possible without the likes of that little spitfire lady that exuded fearlessness and love. Her trust and belief in me even at such an early stage in my recovery to succeed and be passionate about service has been paramount to my recovery. Every time I log into the website editor to make a post or update a link, I think of her. She became friends with my wife and I quickly, and even became my wife's sponsor. She said a passage at our wedding, and always had a big smile on her face no matter how much pain she was in from her illnesses. Her dedication to this area is sometimes sight unseen, but is a foundation to which I base all of my service principles. She taught me the true meaning of selfless service, unconditional love, and passion for the process of recovery in a "WE" program. I will continue to do the very best I can, and give of myself even on the most selfish and bleak of days. We will miss you, but you will always live on in our hearts, and your spirit will carry us through the good times and the bad as we come together each month and give back what was so freely given to us.


I will end this dedication with a quote that she had on the signature of her first email to me to get me started with my service position seven years ago: "To everything there is a season...a time to keep SILENCE, & a time to SPEAK" I felt it in my heart that this was a time to speak. Thank you all for allowing me to serve. I love you Mz. Tish G.!


- Your Grateful RANA Webservant

RANA is hosting a MINI CONVENTION!!!!

Rappahannock Area Convention Committee (RACC) is hosting our area's very first (Mini) Convention! RACNA I: From Desperation to Passion - September 8th-9th, 2017 @ The Hospitality House in Fredericksburg, VA -- CLICK THE LINK BELOW For more details and to register your hotel room! Online Registration for event COMING SOON!


  • #3: Wednesday, October 19th 2016 6:00pm at Wegmans
  • #4: Thursday, October 27th 2016 6:00pm at Wegmans

Welcome Home!

Welcome to the Rappahannock Area of Narcotics Anonymous home page. We love you and accept you with open arms. We are proud to serve our fellowship and to be allowed to inform the public about our area and the recovery within it. Please have a look around. Check out the Neighboring Area Links page for Other areas pages. Also, swing by the "About Our Area" page to read about our specific area of this fellowship, the Rappahannock Area. We would like to take this time to thank you for your interest and would love to extend this message to you: Our message is HOPE. Our promise is FREEDOM from active addiction. In Narcotics Anonymous you are Never Alone. Just for Today you NEVER have to use again.

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