7/2/16 *~Experience Article by our own Dawn L.~*

NA BRANA 35th Campout


I can always count on myself being most in tune with my higher power and living in the moment when I am 

surrounded by nature. So it is no wonder when, Blue Ridge Area of NA…

BRANA, began their yearly campout, they stumbled across something miraculous. Celebrating

their 35th year July 15th – July 17th 2016, I am already excited and honestly here weeks before the

event, I have already located my camping gear and am nostalgically remembering and being

patient for the reunion.


The Natural Chimneys is a series of stone pillars that were once part of a sea bed and

throughout time have risen way above sea level and are now part of the Blue Ridge Mountain

landscape. They are truly a sight to be seen. Alongside them, there is a dried river bed which is a long pathway with canopying trees lining it and tumbled stone at the bed. The park also has different amenities to make camping comfortable, plus a pool.


It is completely occupied by the family of NA for the weekend and has a host of events ranging from early morning meetings by the chimneys, workshops, nature hikes, main speaker events, and dances. Also, different areas of NA have historically hosted their own service oriented events. Some areas host bonfire meetings, some have food tables set up and all areas and campsites are just so welcoming and loving. Last year I was lead so a specific campsite by the music they were playing, made friends and ran into them again at convention. It was amazing the network connections that just happen.


On a more personal note, I arrived at my first BRANA campout at 19 days clean. I was still weak and feeling the effects of withdrawal. I am so grateful that I went. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to function and was just scared of the world. I was fed and cared for in a manner that made me fall in love with my fellow recovering addicts. I cried through the main Saturday speaker and with the relief of knowing that I was never truly alone, I knew that I had found my home in recovery. I was grateful to be able to go back the following year and find the different people who had fed me and helped me and be able to thank them.


People from across the United States come to BRANA like groupies hungry for the experience and I go for the same reason. I always find a new spiritual awakening there and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I hope to see you there this year!! BRANAcampout.org


In loving Service,


Dawn L.  RANA

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