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  • Christopher B (Tuesday, March 21 17 10:52 am EDT)

    In Fredericksburg area until April 8th. Here in he area for work. I do not know anyone in this area or the area itself. If anyone could please help me out with rides to and from meetings during the evening while I am here I would be extremely grateful. Thank you so much

  • Forrest S. (Monday, July 13 15 09:16 pm EDT)

    I'm an addict visiting for work from greensboro. I was wondering if there is a meeting near where I'm staying or do y'all have a help line I can call and talk to someone in the area. Thanks!

  • Robb (Sunday, February 08 15 10:03 am EST)

    Hey everyone, Robb here.

    My gf, and addict named Frankie, is currently being held until her court hearing at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center in Winchester, VA. I visited yesterday, and she would love to hear
    from our fellow RANA members, and could really use some Experience, Strength, and Hope from everyone! Please contact me for the address. You know where I am, and if you don't...keep coming back.

  • richard s (Friday, January 09 15 12:51 pm EST)

    Good job on the website! Why no webservant contact email published? I want to send you the avcna34 flyer...

  • Teresa C. (Sunday, March 03 13 12:37 pm EST)

    Another wonderful day to be clean! The new site is so easy to navigate and looks AMAZING! Thank you Kemper and all that have put so much love into it! Looking forward to seeing all your happy faces
    at today's GSR Orientation and March ASC meeting!

  • Ralph P. (Wednesday, January 02 13 02:50 pm EST)

    Great looking site! Great job Kemper!

  • Teresa C. (Tuesday, November 27 12 12:26 pm EST)

    LOVE the new RANA Website! Thank you, Thank you Kemper B. for all your devotion and hardwork! Much Appreciated!

  • Dawn R. (Monday, November 26 12 10:00 pm EST)

    I am grateful for this site! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have been put into this site! I will keep coming back... especially to this site! RANA PROUD! :)